Huawei has approved an alternative to Google Maps routes with TomTom

Huawei has approved an alternative to Google Maps routes with TomTom
Huawei has approved an alternative to Google Maps routes with TomTom

With the US ban on Chinese technology giant Huawei still pending, smartphone makers need to find new ways to replace any technology – either hardware or software – that had previously been received from US companies. The most striking impact of this is Huawei’s inability to use anything from Google on its phone. Huawei has approved an alternative to Google Maps routes.

At present, the Chinese company appears to have found a replacement for at least one of its main search engine services and has confirmed that it has found an alternative to Google Maps by entering into a partnership where navigation specialist TomTom maps, traffic and information in real time providing mobile software. smart Huawei according to Reuters.

Because TomTom is headquartered in the Netherlands, Huawei was able to close the US government’s trade ban, which prevented Chinese telephone makers from contacting US companies.

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Speaking to Reuters, TomTom spokeswoman Remko Meerstra said the Huawei agreement had been closed some time ago, although the company refrained from publishing the news for unknown reasons.

Already in August it was reported that Huawei built its own Google Maps competitor called the Map Kit, which supports real-time traffic reports and augmented reality functions.

Although the latest Huawei phones still have Android 10, corporate phones are difficult to sell in many regions outside Asia due to lack of access to Google applications and services (including the Google Play Store) – even to those who were previously positively received, such as in Europe and Australia.

If Huawei is really forced to do it without Android entirely, it already has a backup ready – Harmony OS is an open source operating system developed for various products such as cellphones, televisions, smart watches, laptops and more. Source

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