In order to provide a reliable solution to the load-shedding in the heat waves of summer, Enviro – a global brand of electronics has launched a new, economical and smart UPS Inverter E-1202-6l/e1200i which supports up to 5 Fans, 12 Energy savers or 24 LED bulbs. Enviro’s latest inverter is an exceptional UPS, having extraordinary built-in features. Unlike other UPS inverters in the market, this one shows the backup time left. Having a selectable AC input range between 90V-280V/170V-280V, this model also lets you select between Deep Cycle battery and a Car battery. The E-1202-6l/e1200i comes with an optional external solar charge controller, which lets the customers charge their batteries with the sunlight and ultimately runs efficiently for longer durations regardless of unremitting load shedding hours. The charging current can also be selected between 10/20A as per the customer’s requirements. This revolutionary UPS inverter by Enviro is also equipped with a USB charging port (i-charger), letting customers easily charge their phones during load shedding directly from Inverter. Being a part of JW SEZ (formerly Ruba SEZ), Enviro is a progressive global enterprise, with a vision to be acknowledged globally as a trustworthy market-leader with a status for excellence in performance. The ergonomically designed, easy-to-use products are tailor-made to meet the needs of the Pakistani households and suit the environment.