The big difference between a successful Internet business and one that does not take off often comes down to one aspect: visibility on search engines. For this, the Google keywords you select are of crucial importance. Indeed, your success will be conditioned by the number of Internet users you reach. And you might as well tell you straight away, the competition is fierce, especially when you’re aiming for the top 3! So to stand out from the crowd, you absolutely have to understand how engines work and how to use the famous Google keyword. While this may come as a surprise, it’s not just your philosophy that matters, but how you convey it. Indeed, the most complicated is to reach people who pass on your site while respecting the rules imposed by Google and others. In a previous article I explained how I was able to develop my website using keyword tools. But here I would like to touch on another facet of web referencing and visibility. I therefore wish to send you the keys to use your keywords properly once found. Why is it crucial to choose the right keywords? Should we only focus on Google keywords to gain visibility? A business is also thinking about its image, conversions, design … But you must not neglect your keyword strategy … It took me time to understand it and especially to apply a better method of writing than that of my beginnings. Must Read: How to make money online while having fun? And it was from there that my site traffic soared. From now on, it’s up to you to act and do this research to get your project off the ground. And so that you make the necessary efforts, I wanted to reveal to you the reasons why you absolutely must work on your keywords! Choose your keywords on Google to make yourself known! To sum up, you can have a revolutionary vision, if you can’t get your point across, no one will follow you. But today without a community that follows you, you will have a hard time making a living from your blog or getting your project off the ground. So to be visible and to unite around you, you must choose Google keywords. This is not only to be present on the most important terms in your industry or niche, but also to get your point across. Making a selection of keywords means having the assurance of not making a mistake In so many cases, and I was the first to do this myself, we focus on one and the same expression. We want to position our article on a very specific keyword whether it is “doing business”, “how to lose weight” or “how to have a beautiful sales page” and we write our article because in our minds it is THE keyword! However, one cannot be sure. The truth is, the free keyword generator will give it to you. It will tell you precisely what the trends and numbers are. Rather than the keyword you were thinking of there may be a suggestion like “start a business” that is more sought after. And which will therefore also be more visible. And in this case if you want to reach as many Internet users as possible, you can more easily make your choice. Adapt its training to the needs of Internet users: Focusing on keyword research is not important but rather PRIMORDIAL, especially for your sales! You can have the best training in the world, if it doesn’t hit anyone it won’t be sold. Whereas if you reach thousands of people with training that targets a high demand query, you will automatically have more leads. Basically, the wider you aim, the more likely you are to meet the needs of internet users. You have to go through this step to be seen and so that you can transmit your philosophy, your advice, your techniques. I know you want to inspire the world but for that you have to be visible first.