Standard Electric is creating a new group of smart equipment and lighting that are brighter than most, at least in conditions of intellect: The Sol by GE is half smart Alexa lamp, half personal assistant. The Sol by GE is part of its new C Group of lighting it debuted back December of this past year and inside its platform it hides a magic formula – Amazon’s Alexa. The Alexa inside the Sol works identically to the main one you’d find in a Amazon . com Echo or Amazon Echo Dot but, as its embedded in the lamp, can also control the lighting of your room. Although most would look at a smart artificial cleverness enough of a celebration trick for just one product, GE’s Sol – considering that name because its corresponding condition and function of sunlight – can also become a visual time clock and sleep boosting light. GE gets in on the smart home gimmick on to the floor level by using a product that the business has produced since … well, the start of lights. Smart. I love … lamp? In all honesty, the Sol is a fairly unique-looking smart light fixture. We’ve seen a large number of smart bulbs before from companies like LIFX, Factor and Philips, however the difference this is actually the design cosmetic and the immediate access to Alexa. The Sol will be accessible in Sept for $199 (around ?150, AU$270), rendering it competitively costed with the Amazon . com Echo which currently applies to $179 (?149, around AU$230). Pre-orders for the light start today and GE offers a significant 20% discount to the first few purchases. Just monitor it. We’d hate to truly have a duplicate of the airlock series from 2001: AN AREA Odyssey… Reuters