A U.S. judge on Thursday said he previously not seen clear facts that Uber Solutions Inc got conspired with an engineer on its do it yourself generating car program to take trade secrets from Alphabet Inc’s Waymo, and that he was wrestling with whether to concern an injunction from the trip service. At a ability to hear in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA federal courtroom, U.S. Region Judge William Alsup said it was undisputed that the engineer, Anthony Levandowski, downloaded about 14,000 documents quickly before he ceased doing work for Waymo. If it were proven that Levandowski and Uber conspired in taking Waymo’s information, that can have dire repercussions for Uber, say legal and ride-hailing skillfully developed. Uber’s $68 billion valuation is recognized partly by buyers’ belief it’ll be a prominent player in the appearing business of self-driving automobiles. However, Alsup indicated skepticism over whether Uber actually used any Waymo trade secrets. “I’ve given you plenty of discovery, therefore far you do not have any smoking firearm” exhibiting that Uber understood Levandowski possessed any Waymo trade secrets, Alsup said. Waymo legal professional Charles Verhoeven said the business suspects such proof exists. Levandowski dropped to answer questions throughout a deposition, citing his constitutional privileges against self applied incrimination. Verhoeven also said Uber was incorrectly withholding a large number of documents on the lands they are private legal documents. The judge didn’t make a ruling from the bench on Wed. The reading is the latest period in a courtroom struggle over trade secrets that threatens to topple a central pillar of Uber’s expansion strategy. Autonomous autos promise to improve the economics of the ride-hailing business. Among Uber’s biggest bills is the price tag on attracting drivers, who’ve a higher turnover rate. And Uber’s capability to increase into suburban and rural market segments, and areas with low vehicle possession, and continue steadily to provide a trip within 3 minutes, largely depends on the option of a network of self-driving vehicles. Waymo on Wed looked for to buttress its circumstance by arguing that Levandowski and Uber possessed conspired against Waymo. It said the engineer was likely to benefit Uber while he still was used at Waymo. Levandowski made a self-driving trucking company, Otto, after giving Waymo, and Uber later bought Otto. Waymo lawyers showed a glide of your Uber document exhibiting Levandowski have been guaranteed 5.3 million constrained stock products of Uber. That was worthy of more than $250 million in January 2016, the legal professional said, without talking about in detail the foundation of the valuation. An Uber spokesman said the stock honor was actually manufactured in reference to Uber’s acquisition of Otto in August 2016, and the vesting start particular date was backdated to overdue January so that Levandowski’s time at Otto counted for the Uber vesting routine. Alsup himself didn’t appear stunned. “Just what exactly? That’s a lot of cash I assume, but why wouldn’t he get big money?” he asked. Verhoeven said it was circumstantial proof bad purpose by Levandowski and Uber. “He’s getting granted stock by Uber when he’s supposedly starting his own company,” he said. Uber legal professional Arturo Gonzalez on Thursday said that lawyers had put in more than 6,000 time on report review and hadn’t found any signal of the Waymo documents in Uber’s system. Alsup complimented Uber’s search attempts. However, the judge said that documents Uber has withheld about its acquisition of Otto are “a treasure trove” which will be key to the truth. He hasn’t made the decision whether Uber has properly shielded those documents. The judge also said he was still considering whether to send Waymo’s trade technique says to arbitration, which wouldn’t normally be public. Reuters