Likee, a global short video platform with headquarters in Singapore, and now one of the top five most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store shares five easy tips for beginners in Pakistan to livestream over the internet. In the past there has been a lot of positive sentiment towards livestreaming. In fact, according to Stream Elements, internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video in 2019 and according to Go-Global, by the end of 2020, livestreaming was expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic. Today however, livestreaming is thriving and the number of users has increased exponentially due to video-based business communication, live entertainment, online workout sessions, training and learning courses, and much more. It opens up a wide range of opportunities and possibilities for anyone that has a phone with a camera and is connected to the internet. Must Read: Huawei Delegation lauded the efforts of the MoIT Regarding digitalization In terms of opportunities, live streaming offers people the ability to connect and interact with those that have similar interests, ideas, inspirations, aspirations and more – all in real-time. This enables more authentic interaction and communication whilst giving people the opportunity to form meaningful relationships and share experiences with each other. The tips shared by Likee are universal. It doesn’t just work on Likee, but any social media platform that offers livestreaming capabilities. However, for beginners, the following livestreaming tips will help them start their livestreaming content creation journey. Prepare the Necessary Equipment Before live streaming, users should prepare the equipment that supports the quality of the live stream. Likee suggests to use a tripod to hold any smartphone so it can be more stable and that content creators don’t get tired of holding it for long periods of time. Lighting is also very important. Live streamers can use natural sunlight or even a ring light in an indoor area for suitable lighting conditions. Good lighting really affects the quality of the video captured by smartphones. In addition, Likee also suggests to make sure the lens of the smartphone camera used is clean and that the internet connection used is stable. Select a Topic of Interest and Plan Out the Key Talking Points To ensure that the communication flows smoothly, content creators must carefully think and determine the topic of discussion, however it needs to be something that they understand and enjoy. Likee suggests to read a variety of articles, threads on forums and discussions on various platforms to identify them. It’s a good idea for content creators to research and find accurate information that can support the conversation. Live streamers should also not forget to write down all the important points they want to convey so that nothing is missed and that the livestream flows well. Interact with the audience Preferably when users start a live streaming session, they can start by greeting the audience in attendance and thank them for taking the time to watch. In the middle or towards the end of the live stream, Likee encourages live streamers to read the various comments that come in and even answer the questions asked. As much as possible, content creators should respond as a token of appreciation to the audience who really followed the conversation. Questions can also be created for the audience to answer to make it more interactive. Interaction with the audience is important so that the audience does not get bored or leave the live stream. Invite Friends or Invite Other Speakers Likee encourages content creators to collaborate with friends or other speakers on doing live streaming from time to time. In addition to being more engaging and relevant, this collaboration also opens up opportunities for mutual promotion and exposure to each other’s audience on their respective platforms. Choosing the Right Platform As mentioned before, there are currently a variety of platforms that allow for live streaming. Content creators should choose the platform that is right for them. Of course, there are many application characteristics that they can consider, such as the popularity and features of the platform such as ‘Beauty Filters’ or ‘Comic Filters’ that uses software to enhance visual attractiveness, create more visually stunning content and much more. With over 100 million monthly active users worldwide, Likee is becoming the short video creation platform of choice in Pakistan. Users can create and capture their own memories and special moments on the app, with the help of its extensive range of face filters and special effects. Likee allows its users to express themselves creatively and foster meaningful connections, within a global online community.