Jazz, Pakistan’s number one 4G operator and the largest internet and broadband services provider, has successfully concluded its Data Science Central (DSC) training program. After six months of training, four trainees have been offered permanent positions within the company’s Data Science team and the Analytics & Insights team. Jazz concludes its Data Science Training program. The training program on-boarded twelve candidates in total, putting them through a rigorous mix of theoretical and practical training modules essential in the technological field, for the first three months. The trainees attended a set of courses conducted by foreign trainers from world-reputed universities, equipping them for practical projects in the second stage of the program. The next three months focused on critical thinking, problem resolution, and practical business skills using Jazz’s live data. A massive influx of data is being generated at Jazz at all times, and it has led to rising demand for data scientists. Currently, the country faces a dearth of experts; and the Jazz DSC program has attempted to bridge this gap by training a new generation of data scientists with industry experts and using practical business cases.  Must Read: foodpanda and Ministry of Climate Change enter a strategic partnership to promote environmental sustainability “As more organizations are learning to put their data to work, the demand for data scientists is becoming much higher than the supply. In line with Jazz’s ambitions of becoming a pioneering digital company, we designed and executed our Data Science academy, to train and select the top talent to satisfy the growing dependency on analytics,” added Kazim Mujtaba, Chief Data and Strategy Officer, Jazz. The reliance on data and analytics is transforming businesses around the world, and Jazz is making strategic investments in processes, platforms, and people to gear itself for this next step of evolution. Jazz houses one of the largest data stores in Pakistan and is working proactively towards ushering a new era of digitization and refining the customer experience for more than 71 million subscribers.