BlackBerry and Jaguar Land Rover today announced that they have deepened their partnership in developing the next generation of car makers. Collaboration between companies has been expanded to include: • BlackBerry technology for artificial intelligence and machine learning for the automotive industry. With BlackBerry QNX and BlackBerry Cylance, the company works to turn vehicle safety into a number of features, including the maintenance of predictive software and cyber security threats. • BlackBerry QNX for Next Generation Vehicle Architecture Jaguar Land Rover. BlackBerry software integration ensures the overall security of the next generation Jaguar Land Rover vehicle architecture for the industry-leading products that customers expect. • BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consultation. BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting consists of BlackBerry advisors and security testing technology and identifies security vulnerabilities in connected and autonomous vehicles throughout the software library used in vehicles. Must Read: Zong 4G GTO Program Recruits Leaders of Future “Jaguar Land Rover and BlackBerry share a common goal to turn the smartest vehicles into reality,” said Prof. Sir Ralf D. Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, KBE Freng. “I am pleased that our partnership with BlackBerry continues to go beyond stability, a company whose technological innovation uniquely meets the ever-increasing security needs of the automotive industry.” “BlackBerry is a trusted partner in the automotive industry because of its legacy and innovation in secure communication,” said John Chen, BlackBerry CEO and CEO. “We are pleased to be Jaguar Land Rover’s certified safety technology partner selected because we continue to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to improve road safety.” Prof. Sir Ralf D. Speth KBE Freng, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, will give a keynote address at the annual BlackBerry Leading Security Conference in London on 2 October 2019. This event is a forum for leaders, technology developers, industry experts and market analysts to find the next generation of products and services that meet the ever increasing need for secure communication in a connected world. Register for events for Automotive, Government, Financial Services, Law, Health, Energy, Manufacturing and other industries at BlackBerry is a trusted software and security services company that provides technology and business that companies and government agencies need to bring the Internet of Things. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company is consistently committed to data security, cyber security and privacy, and is a leader in key areas including artificial intelligence, endpoint security and management, encryption and embedded systems. For more information, see and follow @BlackBerry.