With an aim to promote photography culture, Canon Pakistan, a world leader in Digital Imaging Space, associated with a highly acclaimed photography / videography competition event – Youth Film Festival by RoshanRahain. The Youth Film Festival was launched earlier in May through print, radio and popularsocial media channels. FREE Film Making workshops were also conducted for young peopleat Ali Institute of Education. RoshanRahain strongly believes that Pakistan’s youth has great potential, and would liketo provide them with a platform using films to improve their confidence and cultivate theirsocial skills. The organization reached out to local universities and spoke directly tostudents about the project. The festival also comprises of renowned filmmakers,documentarians, the judges includes Mr. Nisar Malik, Mr. Hasan Zaidi, Mr. Nasir Khan and YasirNisar. Each festival partner shares the passion to support youth and help them to reach millionsthrough this platform. Leisure Club, Canon, McDonald’s and Bank Alfalah all understand the value of investing into youth and giving back to the community. Youth Film Festival received tremendous response, not only from Lahore but from Karachiand Multan as well. More than 125 films were received. The panel of judges selected someof the best from the submissions. The short listed films were also screened at the festival. The Winner of the festival received professional series Canon DSLR cameras. Mr. Sarshar Ali, Country Head Canon Pakistan, distributed the cameras. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sarshar Ali Country Manager, Canon Pakistan said,;Pakistan is gradually becoming one of the prime markets for photo enthusiasts. To set thestage right, Canon is continuously associating with variety of photography / videographyplatforms and organizing / training sessions for amateurs as well as professional photographers; He further added,;We are also creating unique and different experience in our two brandretail stores in Lahore & Karachi called the Canon Image Square. Moving ahead with theobjective to promote photography culture in the country, Canon has extended its supportto RoshanRahain that provides just the right opportunity for enthusiasts to source creativework and showcase outstanding videography.; With the display of such work by young talent, the event will open an avenue for trainingsessions and sharing of experiences by renowned names in the videography. CEO/Director of RoshanRahain, ShaiganAzhar shared the overall objective of thefestival by saying “The idea behind organizing the Youth Film Festival was provide youthwith a platform where they can engage and share their work with millions of people. FilmMaking is fast becoming a popular concept among young people. Our partners of thefestival are offering prizes such as paid work contract, professional series camera, chanceto work on an in-house production. We are thankful to each of our partner for making thisproject possible.