TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT Company for Tracking, Telematics, Mapping, and Location Based Services, has recently partnered with in a bid to optimize the operations of e-commerce platforms in Pakistan. is an e-commerce platform that lets anyone with a smart mobile phone open their e-commerce business within 29 seconds. It represents a dynamic shift in how businesses are run in Pakistan. Recent times have seen a surge in online business with new ecommerce platforms launching their operations to facilitate people for their daily shopping needs from the comfort of their homes. To leverage this growing demand for ecommerce platforms,, offers sellers and entrepreneurs an easy option to open an online store in just a few steps. This initiative will inspire, educate, and connect the growing community of emerging ecommerce entrepreneurs. TPL Trakker’s Location Based Services (LBS) will ensure that has complete local knowledge of Pakistan maps thanks to its largest dataset covering 400 cities, over 5 million geocoded addresses, and 600,000 kilometres of the road network. Dukan sellers & buyers will be able to share locations with updated information that international location-based service providers fail to give. Such collaboration between two Pakistani companies will ultimately give a boost to the inception of small businesses in Pakistan, leading to an enhanced economy of the country. Must Read: TECNO brings a fiery PUBG Championship for the Marketing Dealers Small businesses are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and constitute nearly 90% of all the enterprises in the country, 80% of the non-agricultural labour force, and contribute  40% of GDP annually. This calls for an efficient digital ecosystem that ensures extremely smooth and uninterrupted operations of these businesses on ecommerce platforms. To mark the occasion, a signing ceremony was held between TPL Trakker and with Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO of TPL Trakker, and Monis Rahman, Co-founder along with Zohair Ali, Director Channel Success. “At TPL Trakker, we are committed to supporting start-ups to build synergies. It is always a pleasure to encourage local Pakistani organizations that serve small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. is a platform for the hyper local businesses and consumers and these are the consumers we aim to serve to help them grow and expand.” said Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO TPL Trakker. “Dukan is designed in the unique local context to address issues Pakistani e-commerce businesses face. Partnering with TPL, which offers Pakistan’s premier digital mapping service, complements our mission. This partnership will help us make the fulfillment process smooth for sellers and help them grow their businesses on our platform.” said Zohair Ali, Director Channel Success. In a recent event, TPL Trakker also won two brand of the year awards Fleet Management Solution and Vehicle Tracking & Security, once again proving to be industry leaders with their innovative telematics solutions.