A significant player in Computer security is very pissed off at Microsoft and it would like depends upon to know about any of it. In another scathing blog post–the second one in seven months-Kaspersky raked Microsoft on the coals over just how it favors its “inferior” Glass windows Defender antivirus software in Glass windows 10 over third-party alternatives. “We see clearly–and are prepared to prove–that Microsoft uses its dominating position in the computer operating-system (Operating-system) market to fiercely promote its own–inferior–security software (Glass windows Defender) at the trouble of users’ recently self-chosen security solution. Such campaign is conducted using doubtful methods, and you want to bring these procedures to the interest of the anti-competition government bodies,” Kaspersky creates. The antivirus machine first raged against Microsoft in November of this past year. In an extended post, Kaspersky defined several grievances, one of these being that Microsoft “automatically and unexpectedly” disables all incompatible security software when upgrading to Glass windows 10 and replaces them with Home windows Defender. Kaspersky complained that third-party AV makers were only given weekly prior to the release of Home windows 10 to make their security software compatible, and even they performed, “odd things tended to occur and Defender would still dominate.” Kaspersky finished up filing an antitrust problem with Russia’s Government Antimonopoly Service (FAS). Recently, it has additionally filed a set of complaints in European countries with the Western Commission payment and German Government Cartel Office. In a fresh blog post speaking about those recent antitrust complains, Kaspersky said its past effort has recently borne some super fruit, noting that Microsoft attended to a few of the given it complained to the FAS about. However, Kaspersky seems Microsoft can do more. “Let’s focus on the actual fact that Microsoft’s antivirus is hardwired into all variations of Home windows 10 for home users: you can’t really transform it off completely, impossible to erase. Until recently no-one asked you if you needed it or not. There is a period when, although you may used another security solution, Microsoft’s own AV yet periodically ran scans,” Kaspersky laments. Kaspersky also highlights that Home windows 10 steps in with a pop-up windowpane whenever a individual attempts to execute any action with a third-party AV solution, including the one above. The meat they have with this would be that the pop-up communications make it appear to be “users are going to commit a wrongful action that violates the default adjustments from Microsoft.” Other grievances discussed in your blog post include: –              The way Home windows 10 handles expired third-party AV licenses (after having a three-day lapse, third-party AV software struggles to uses its notification system to encourage users to increase their license, and must use Microsoft’s Action Centre instead. –              The sometimes “mysterious disappearance” of third-party AV software when upgrading to Home windows 10. –              Microsoft not presenting third-party AV makes sufficient the perfect time to ensure compatibility prior to major new posts being rolled out. Kaspersky appears to be the only person causeing this to be kind of sound about Microsoft’s handling of third-party AV software, although company previously explained that it’s not by yourself. In private circles, Kaspersky says there are a large number of other unsatisfied companies on the market, but that none of them are prepared to speak up. A Microsoft spokesperson come to out with the next statement: “Microsoft’s primary target is to keep customers guarded and we are self-confident that the security top features of Windows 10 adhere to competition laws and regulations. We’re always enthusiastic about feedback from others and we participate deeply with antimalware sellers and have considered lots of steps to handle their reviews. We reached away right to Kaspersky lots of calendar months ago offering to meet straight at an professional level to raised understand their concerns, but that reaching hasn’t yet occurred.” Complaints apart, Kaspersky is one of the better third-party AV programs for gamers. We still like Bitdefender overall, which tops our list as the best AV program, but Kaspersky is also excellent. Reuters