Good news for anybody who are preparing to a create a new system around one of AMD’s Ryzen processors. AMD up to date its set of compatible DDR4 memory space with some new entries, providing you a wider collection of Ram memory to choose from if you need to avoid moving the dice with an unidentified kit. Normally that’s not a problem–so long as you are not trying to set up an ultra-cheap ram component that you found from some dude in a trench coating on a block corner (along start Rolex), DDR4 Ram memory should simply work in virtually any motherboard with DDR4 DIMM slot machines. However, things never have played out like that. As we observed some time ago, Ryzen feels amazingly finicky as it pertains to DDR4 storage. Modules do not necessarily shoe up at the right (advertised) speed, giving you to by hand enter the right variables in the BIOS and then longing for the best. Some memory potato chips appear are better than others. AMD knows this and has been dealing with motherboard creators on up to date firmware to increase the situation. If you’re creating a system around Ryzen, you will want to be sure you’ve downloaded the latest BIOS, that ought to contain AMD’s AGESA micro-code upgrade. AMD’s most recent micro-code is mostly aimed at bettering memory support. It offers over two dozen new variables to boost compatibility, which is most likely area of the reason AMD could flesh out its set of packages that are recognized to work. The list includes storage modules and sets ranging in rate from DDR4-2133 to DDR4-3200. For your very best shot at success, you can reference point AMD’s list (PDF) of appropriate memory packages and choose the one which has been affirmed to work with Ryzen. That does indeed indicate you can’t stray from the list–you can, however your mileage can vary greatly.