As the Samsung Galaxy S8 has yet to be on sale internationally, the smartphone large has already been facing a few problems, issues that contain been reported by its first owners in Korea. Samsung has apparently received several claims about the flagship smartphone’s Infinity screen. The display matching customers who’ve received their handsets are showcasing a solid reddish tint. According to a written report from the Korean Herald, customers who preordered the Galaxy S8 published on social network proclaiming that their new telephones have a reddish display screen. A similar customers also clarified that the red tint will not disappear even after fixing the smartphone’s color screen settings. Samsung in a assertion responded stating, “It isn’t an excellent problem and it could be adjusted with the telephone itself. If the colour still is apparently reddish, customers can transform it at the service centre.” Despite efforts to tweak the screen, users found no success and relating to a business watcher, there are known reasons for this. Samsung’s OLED exhibits use two subpixels rather than three that are being used on classic LCD products. To counter the great quantity of inexperienced, in the red-green and blue-green installation, Samsung this season made a decision to develop profound red OLEDs to include brighter reds to battle both greens. This however, may have backfired on some items leading to inappropriate colour balance.