“I’m so desperate! None of all the photos he took of me this entire day looks good. None! Should I get a new boyfriend? Really need your advice.” This must be many girls feel bad when they check out the photos their boyfriends take of them. That would usually be the moment of collapse after a pleasant day. It’s so challenging to make a photographer out of him within a short period of time! How about getting a new “Portrait Master” – the HUAWEI P10 Series? HUAWEI P10 Series are equipped with the new generation Leica dual-lens camera, with five capabilities including bokeh, monochrome, color, zooming and facial contour. Make every shot a cover shot. The Leica Portrait Mode saves you the trouble of getting the right settings, and gives you a great photo with a simple touch on the shutter. Activate [Portrait Mode] Activate [Art Effects] Adjust [Skin Retouching Level] Press the shutter. Your girlfriend would have no complaint seeing a beautiful shot like this! (Pictures attached) Turn on the portrait mode on HUAWEI P10 Plus, You will get more refined and fairer skin tone, and more contoured facial structure.