Qualcomm’s latest mid-tier mobile chipsets, the Snapdragon 630 and 660, are made to give smartphone users more processing ability, crisper photographs and improved interconnection rates of speed over LTE or Wireless, among additional fresh features. The 630 improvements the 625 processor chip, as the 660 comes after the 653. Here’s the good thing for gaming enthusiasts: The 660 boosts the 653’s CPU performance by 20 percent and its own GPU by thirty percent. Weighed against the 625, the 630 markings a ten percent improvement in CPU performance and a thirty percent upgrade in conditions of GPU. Which means prettier, smoother game titles and other entertainment options. Both 630 and 660 are 14nm potato chips that support 4K playback and saving, much like their predecessors, plus they use the Spectra 160 ISP — the camera that debuted with the Snapdragon 820 — for upgraded display quality. The 660 gets a supplementary boost in aesthetic and sound control from the Hexagon 680 DSP. The 630 and 660 incorporate a Snapdragon X12 LTE Modem with a fresh RF transceiver for downlink data rates as high as 600Mbps. In the mean time, the 660 also features 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Qualcomm says these improvements should make it easier for cell phones to converse through brick and concrete wall space. The 660 and 630 support Bluetooth 5 and Qualcomm Quick Demand 4, which claims to fill up 50 percent of an battery in a quarter-hour. In addition they support the Snapdragon Neural Control Engine SDK, allowing developers to experiment with machine learning and neural sites on the systems. Reuters