With Apple’s upcoming September 14 event being rumored by the company to announce the iPhone 13, this is traditionally the event where we expect the latest iOS release date. This could mean you can download iOS 15 as soon as Apple releases it next week. new iOS 15 features. However, iOS 15 has seen some changes since its launch at WWDC. Safari has seen its new redesign, mostly going back to iOS 14, and other features like SharePlay and Universal Controls are now slated for newer versions. That’s not to say iOS 15 is an edition to avoid, however – it’s certainly the opposite, with better privacy settings, a new weather app, and more. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the top five iOS 15 features that might make you wonder how you can live without them. New vision for safari This is a redesign that has seen many variations since it was announced at WWDC. Although the user interface has seen some major changes, strong user feedback has resulted in a final redesign that is a mix of what was before and what was refined in the months following WWDC. By default, the address bar is at the bottom, which makes it easier to reach with your thumb, while a swipe left or right on the address bar switches between all open tabs. However, you can reset it to its original location if you want Safari to look like it normally does. There’s also a new home screen that lets you set a wallpaper that, thanks to iCloud, can also show open tabs on your other Apple devices, along with any suggestions on websites you should check out. Tabs are also improving in Safari for iOS 15. Tab groups can open a collection of your favorite websites at once, so you can check the latest news without having to open tabs and open websites separately. They also sync across your Apple devices, just as they sync individual tabs, so you can open the same group on your iPad. Use focus for your workflow Sometimes you may be at work or busy attending an event where you don’t want certain notifications to tell you about something. This is where Focus is redesigning the way the app can notify you whenever you want. You can set different focus moments so that when you arrive at a specific location or open a specific app, precise focus is activated, allowing you to read or complete a project in a curated manner. This feature also applies to messaging. So if someone sends you a photo, for example, it will be sent to your device, but not as a notification. Focus will let recipients know you’re busy, but they can ignore it to send it with notifications when it’s important. This focus setting applies to your other Apple devices, so all notifications can be muted at specific times of the day if necessary. You can also set the focus to have the home screen change when certain scripts are activated. This can bring up other apps that you will most likely use for that period of time. Copy text from photo using LiveText You may be on vacation and want to go to a restaurant, but in a language you don’t understand. By capturing the image on iOS 15, LiveText can tell you what the image text is and may offer to translate it for you. LiveText is a feature that can be applied to all the photos you’ve taken so far, along with your iPhone, in real time. Must Read: Xiaomi 120w fast charging solution does not affect battery life Data protection, additional cost This is a big topic for Apple, and there are a lot of new features in iOS 15 that show it off. There is an app privacy report that gives you an overview of the apps installed on your iPhone that are using certain hardware features like the camera or microphone, and whether the apps are trying to use personal information. When you send an email on iOS 15, your IP address is hidden so the recipient doesn’t know if their email has been opened or deleted. Supercharged Privacy iCloud+ is also a big marquee for iOS 15 that lets you hide my email, allowing you to create any email alias to keep you safe from spam, similar to Apple’s login feature, which appeared in iOS 12. There’s also a private streaming feature that can hide your IP address while browsing Safari, but this will only be available in beta to test once iOS 15 launches. Another day for the weather Following the takeover of Dark Sky in 2019, the weather app for iOS 15 will be fundamentally revised. There are now notifications for rain, thunderstorms and snow as well as new animations for all weather changes on the home screen. There is now a second window that can show your current or other locations in more detail, from sunset and sunrise times to possible rainfall over the next hour. The weather app has a built-in map so you can check the weather forecast in various locations to see the status of air quality, rainfall and temperature.