This increased the number of satellites the company had launched to heaven as part of its plan to provide global broadband Internet services to 182. SpaceX sends 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit. The last platform was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida with a Falcon 9 rocket. Thanks to new features, SpaceX now has more commercial satellites in orbit than any other company. Planet Labs, also from California, has the next largest working constellation, almost 150. Your spaceship is used to represent the surface of the earth. The regulator allows SpaceX to launch up to 12,000 platforms, but talks about 40,000 platforms depending on how the project is developed. Must Read: Zong conducts the first 5G video call of Pakistan Two batches of the 1960s could grow before the end of the month because the company plans to start offering regional broadband services later this year. However, the use of it has caused fierce criticism from astronomers who complain that the large number of artificial objects in the night sky will damage their perception of space. To exacerbate this complaint, scientists released images of trains from bright angles coming from above – reflections from satellites as they traveled around the world. However, SpaceX believes that the concern is excessive. The company acknowledged that the bright star link was shortly after launch, but said it was the result of a configuration satellite that rose from 290 km to 550 km. Once in its final orbit, the spacecraft should be barely visible, the company said; and provide astronomical teams with detailed Starlink coordinates so they can plan their observations better to avoid distractions. One of the 60 satellites from the last mission was also investigated experimentally to determine whether reflectivity could be reduced further. The American Astronomical Society held a special session this week at their meeting in Hawaii to discuss this issue. Patricia Cooper, Vice President of the SpaceX satellite government, will attend. What worries many sky watchers is that the Hawthorne-based company is not the only one that has a design for what is called “Megastar”. The British company OneWeb originally planned to launch 650 broadband satellites. Six demonstrators were fired last year, but the London-based company hopes to have around 30 demonstrators per month next month. Online retailers from Amazon also want to participate in this business. The proposed Kuiper project is at a less advanced stage, but the number of satellites considered for operational networks is more than 3,000. To put all these numbers into context: According to the Union of Interested Scientists, there are only 2,200 satellites that function of all types in the sky today. Broadband mega-constellations will cost billions of dollars to be used. However, SpaceX can reduce a lot of financial pressure by using reusable missiles. Every time the Starlink mission starts, it turns into a vehicle that was basically bought by someone else for the previous flight. The rocket used this week rose for the fourth time, and was originally used by Iridium to launch a batch satellite in 2018. Source