Since its inception in Pakistan, vivo has remained committed to its mission of creating customer-centric services, actively serving their needs by providing global technology and best-in-class solutions. Pakistan is an important market and vivo is constantly working to introduce best-in-class technology and upgrade its presence in the country to satisfy customer expectations, with localization and innovation at the forefront. Best of vivo Y Series in 2021. vivo has time and again emphasized on keeping in sync with the smartphone requirements of the audience. vivo customers in Pakistan are always on the move and desire a power packed smartphone at a budget friendly price point. As a result, through in-depth market research and analysis by experts, vivo constantly dives into designing smartphones that are beneficial to these smart minds. Over the years, the brand’s research has led in the creation of a wide range of smartphones including the youth centric Y series, designed especially to make the best of the available resources. The Y series reflects vivo’s in-depth understanding of the habits, preferences, and aspirations of the younger generation. As a result, the Y series range is purposefully developed to fulfil the demands of fast-paced consumers including students, collegiates, working professionals, and young entrepreneurs. The Y series models have distinctive and vibrant designs that complement the smart generation’s style quotient and an ideal series for youth who want to have it all in a smartphone. Furthermore, the smartphones deliver dependable and promising performance – thanks to the high capacity battery, processors, flash charge, and promising camera technologies. vivo is pushing the boundaries by democratizing technology for the masses. In the Y series, vivo has launched Y12s, Y20, Y20s, Y31 and Y51s.  All of them have gained a tremendous response from vivo customers. Y series is extremely popular amongst consumers for delivering a comprehensive smartphone experience in all the departments- photography, performance and design across various price ranges that fit the budget. Must Read: Jazz brings Pakistan’s first-ever Drive-in Concert to Islamabad Y21 and Y33s took the market by surprise for its best-in-class features in terms of front and rear camera photography, attractive smartphone designs and power-packed performance through an extended RAM and fast charge- all of which combine to make the Y series a truly customer-first series. The vivo Y21 priced at Rs 28,999 is housed in a robust 8.0mm Super Slim body with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner that not only looks good and fits comfortably in the palm of the user’s hand, but also allows them to gain access to the phone quickly and effectively. The design characteristics of the vivo Y21 are tastefully curated with a sense of professional appeal, and they are in line with modern smartphone design principles. The latest Y33s comes with an ultra-sleek and lightweight body that epitomizes outstanding design and elegant appearance. The gadget gives an elegant feel and super-comfortable hold, weighing only 182g with an 8.00mm thin body and 2.5D design, taking the in-hand experience to a whole new level with Face Wake adding an extra layer of protection and unlocking the phone fast, making the whole process a breeze. Priced at Rs. 39,999, the Y33s has received great interest from young consumers. With every launch, vivo constantly introduced innovative handsets with a high-capacity memory, powerful processors, massive battery, and superior camera capabilities with trendy designs in various desirable price ranges. In fact, the vivo Y series portfolio has quickly become one of the most popular smartphone line-ups in Pakistan today. In such a world where everything is a single tap away, vivo believes that the customer is entitled to invest in a high-performing, dependable smartphone and will continue to deliver smartphone that empower users.  vivo works relentlessly as a responsible brand to ensure end-to-end customer satisfaction and convenience while providing a hassle-free buying experience. In addition to this, vivo also marks Service Day on 3rd Monday till Wednesday of every month allowing customers to get free after-sales service like: Free of cost cleaning and disinfection, Free system recovery & software upgrade, 1 Hour flash repair, Free maintenance without any labor cost, Free of cost protective stickers, Free of cost protective silicone covers. Committed to its simple yet absolute goal of driving purposeful innovation, vivo plans to set high standards with phenomenal technology and become a trailblazer in mobile technology. With innovation at its core, vivo looks forward to accomplishing many more milestones in the country and across the globe. Furthermore, the company continues to expand its reach under the ‘more local, more global’ approach, with a strong emphasis on price range to ensure that everyone has access to the finest solutions without having to cut down on their spending. Moreover, following the Benfen principle, vivo believes in developing meaningful relationships with our customers and partners.