In the 21st century, living without smartphones is near to impossible. Customers don’t only look for renowned brands these days, but for good software, cameras, design, and more. With these demands in mind, smartphone companies are regularly upgrading their devices. They are endlessly coming up with brilliant engagement strategies and social media campaigns to keep their customers engaged. TECNO, a leading smartphone brand is one of the many competing smartphone brands in Pakistan, working to bring a change with the best quality phones. The Legacy Continues with TECNO’s upcoming Super Hero Smartphone. Famous for their entry-level and mid-range smartphones, TECNO succeeds in providing high-quality, near-flagship phones, at remarkable prices. They have been famous for their customer engagement campaigns that come with every new device. The recent “Real Hero” campaign for TECNO Spark 6 is proof of that. The brand engaged Pakistan’s well-loved actor and singer, Ali Zafar as their brand ambassador who brought forward the “Hero Phone” Spark 6. Similar to this Hero campaign, the brand is expected to bring a new “Super Hero Phone.” Any guesses who TECNO intends to engage for their new phone?  Must Read: These Smartphones Give a Bang for Your Buck Under PKR 40,000/-? According to multiple news sources, the new smartphone is predicted to come from the famous Camon series. The company has also announced to include the Android 12 Beta version for the very first time, increasing their value in the competing smartphone market. TECNO’s famous flagship camera series, Camon has the best photography features so far which makes the phone highly anticipated. The phone is presumed to launch in the Pakistani market shortly. On top of that, TECNO recently posted a teaser on their social media for the upcoming phone with the “Cam on” tag and a guess-and-win game. So what are you waiting for? Rush to TECNO’s Facebook page to guess the name of their upcoming model and win exciting prizes. Make sure to follow the brand’s social media pages to keep yourself updated on their new devices and more.