After 1947 Pakistani politics not good therefore the graph of Pakistan decrease day by day and the debt of Pakistan increase because previous Pakistani govt not attention there work and just do corruption therefore the name of Pakistan and Pakistani are black listed every were no one like Pakistani and Pakistan and mostly countries band Pakistan due to this activities but 2018 PTI govt hold the politics of Pakistan when Imran khan hold the seat of President the he feel to make Pakistan digitalization therefore it’s a question why Imran khan believe digitalization. Mostly of Pakistan departments have no know how about technology they work old strategy and corruption rate is high in Pakistan mostly govt employee work against in bribery therefore Pakistani people don’t believe Govt departments mostly Pakistan people wish is that her/his child make a govt servant. Because govt employee have a lot of benefits. But Pakistan people not know how about technology therefore he believes in bribery grift. Must Read: how we can approve google adsense 2020 Imran khan make initiative to every department connect with technology and people of Pakistan right to complaint any department who mislead and miss guide the complainant than he has right to complain about this and his complaint resolved within a days without any tension and without waste of time all departments convert to online its big example of Wafaqi Mohtasib. This organization work very smoothly and resolve the complaint with 45 days without single rupees and without lawyer its CMS system very fast and this organization resolver 1 lack about complaints with digitalization every year. Now mostly department like police, wardans, banks, tax, i.e. are work on digital method and resolve the complaint of people smoothly without any pressure but main point is that our public have no knowledge about this public mindset is old way but when public know how the digital method of govt than he really like and apricate of IK Govt because its vision of digital Pakistan very help full and very owsam vision of Pakistani nation.