Emirates Group Security’s X-ray training programme has recently been certified by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authorities. The programme, conducted by the Centre of Aviation and Security Studies (CASS), will allow Emirates Group Security to conduct its own training for security staff based in Pakistan.  The course consists of a five day simulation based programme and has been modified to better suit the remote learning environment. Learners get virtual face-to-face interaction and instruction, as well as a hands-on experience with the X-ray software. Apart from the technical aspects of handling the X-ray machine and the general prevailing threat updates, the training program also involves going through simulated X-ray images allowing the trainees to have direct experience evaluating suspected threat objects. Commenting on the recent recognition by the Pakistani CAA, Dr Abdulla Al Hashimi, Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirate Group Security and CEO of Transguard Group mentioned that: “The pandemic and the subsequent disruption to the economy have impacted the way we do things and also the nature of the threats we face. If the threats have changed, then the way the threats need to be managed has to also change. Security now has to be technical as well as tactical. Yet, the cost of security must not overburden the industry, which has several other financial concerns. The use of distance learning through a digital medium is a positive development for meeting the regulatory requirements in AVSEC Training in this challenging situation.” Must Read: TCL Pakistan comes on board as co-sponsor for Daraz 11.11 Sale 2020 Dr. Al Hashimi also added: “Aviation security has become an integral, fundamental and indispensable component of the aviation industry. Thus development of a strong collaboration between industry and authorities at the national and international level will certainly allow airlines to develop greater integrated, efficient and cost effective approaches towards aviation security.” The X-ray training course is conducted by the Centre of Aviation & Security Studies (CASS) division of Emirates Group Security. CASS manages a portfolio of security education courses for aviation management to support the continued professional development of staff in Emirates Group. The centre is also the first organisation to be certified to conduct AVSEC programs on behalf of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).