OPPO as part of its strategy to deliver cutting-edge innovations to the world took part in the Mobile World Congress 2021. The 3-day conference unveiled the latest technological advancements by the brand that vowed the viewers. Drawing on the theme of “Interconnected Life” OPPO launched its state-of-the-art rollable screen phones and wireless air charging demonstrating its commitment to empowering the users.  Rollable Screen Phones The OPPO X 2021 rollable screen phones is created carefully understanding the challenges visible in other folding phones. The smartphone with its OLED display smoothly expands from 67 inches to 74 inches. Most foldable smartphones have to deal with unsightly creases on its screen. OPPO’s proprietary Warp Track screen laminate creates a display that unrolls like a caterpillar track, while careful experimentation showed that a 6.8mm axis could bend the screen without any creases. Custom-developed Roll Motor powertrain uses two drive motors to smoothly extend and retract without too much stress on the high-end display. Previous phones with sliding parts have been weaker when unfolded and some even exposed their inner workings. OPPO designed a system that uses two sliding plates to support the screen whether it’s retracted or fully unrolled, and a dynamic frame that strengthens the entire device. So, the screen stays strong and smooth while keeping the brand’s unique technology protected at all times. Must Read: Ufone brings STARZPLAY by Cinepax for U Wireless Air Charging Numerous examples of cutting-edge charging products feature on OPPO’s stand, including the 125W flash charger, which can charge a 4,000mAh phone battery to 100% in just 20 minutes. This is joined by 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge products, which charge the same battery in as little as 30 minutes along with products from several partners who have licensed OPPO’s proprietary technologies. Previously wireless charging products were unable to work unless the device was positioned in a particular way. Now, thanks to wireless Air Charging technology, the OPPO X 2021 begins charging as soon as it’s within 10cm of its charging mat, which can deliver up to 7.5W of charging power. The users can even play games while it charges. The brand has carefully collected the best minds across multiple industries to continue to build mutually beneficial relationships with innovators and pioneers. In the future, the brand aims to set new industry benchmarks, build innovative technologies, and enrich the lives of the people.  Disclaimer 5G Services are not currently commercially available in Pakistan OPPO does not claim to be a service provider/operator for 5G Service