Confiz will provide 100% scholarship to the differently-abled for the 2 months online freelancing bootcamp. The freelancing bootcamp will be held on Airschool. Airschool is thrilled to announce a partnership with Confiz, Pakistan’s leading full-service technology company, to democratize access to education for all. Confiz CSR Fund is awarding scholarships to the differently-abled for the freelancing bootcamp of 2 months. The bootcamp will be held live online at Airschool platform. Airschool and Confiz came together for this project to help elevate the differently-abled community of Pakistan. Both organizations believe in the mission of making high-quality education accessible, affordable and inclusive. The 2 months freelancing bootcamp will be absolutely free for the differently-abled. However, there are limited slots and only a selected few will be able to join the first cohort. The curriculum is designed to help learners brush up their communication skills, learn a hard sellable skill (Graphics Designing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, or Front End Development), and understand the basics of accounting, taxation, and accepting remittances. The course will make the learners ready to enter the freelance market and be able to deliver top-class work. Must Read: How to learn SEO? The classes are cohort-based, live and online, allowing students to learn from experts, other participating students and build a strong foundation of networking. The instructors for the courses include Asra Rizwan, Founder of OpenMic, Hira Saeed, Freelance Journalist, Founder of TechGeeks, Dua Syed, Founder of Design Khana, and Faiza Yousuf, Founder of CodeGirls. All of the expert trainers have freelancing experience and taught a cumulative 5000 students online. Fatima Rizwan, Founder of Airschool, while speaking on the development expressed her optimism,  “We are looking forward to hosting our first cohort and are positive that the freelance bootcamp will play a large role in the development and professional growth of the enrolled students.” Ahsan Saleem, SVP Professional Services at Confiz, expressing enthusiasm about the initiative, said, “We have a responsibility towards everyone in this country, especially the differently-abled who are often discriminated against and suffer from lack of opportunities. By working together, we are hopeful our scholarships will be better utilized to help the differently-abled become skillful and become financially independent.” Students can apply for scholarships here.