It’s no hidden knowledge that Intel blueprints on moving out additional 7th era processors that feature more than four CPU cores following the launch of the original Main i7 SKUs. The prior era included the Center i7-6800K (six-core), 6900K (eight-core), and 6950X (ten-core), that have been released half a year following the 6700K (four-core). However, a few details have finally allegedly surfaced regarding a fresh type of multi-core CPUs, that will are categorized as the Key i9 moniker. Matching to a photography that originated on the AnandTech discussion boards, the following requirements outline the future Intel Core-i9 CPUs: CPU Name                          Cores/Threads                  Bottom Clock                     Increase Clock Central i9-7920X                         12 / 24                                         N/A                                           N/A Central i9-7900X                         10 / 20                                       3.3GHz               4.3GHz Turbo 2.0 4.5GHz Turbo 3.0 Main i9-7820X                             8 / 16                                         3.6GHz                 4.3GHz Turbo 2.0 4.5GHz Turbo 3.0 Primary i9-7800X                        6 / 12                                         3.5GHz                                     4.0GHz The 7920X and 7900X models are thought to feature 44 PCI-e lanes and a TDP of 160 w, as the 7820X and 7800X will have 28 PCI-e lanes with a 140 watt TDP. All Key i9 processors depends on the Skylake-X structures, an advancement of the prior Broadwell-E. Two additional Primary i7 CPUs predicated on the Kaby Lake structures were also uncovered. The 7740K is a beefier version of the 7700K that’ll still have four cores and eight threads, but basics time of 4.3GHz and raise time clock of 4.5GHz. The 7640K is actually a souped-up Center i5-7600K, that may have four cores and four threads with a 4.0GHz center time and 4.3GHz increase clock. Intel’s new processors are expected to have a complete reveal in June at or about enough time of Computex, the major total annual computers convention. There was not any hint of the price tag on each model yet. For performance metrics on Intel’s current 12-central CPU, check out our overview of the Main i7-6950X. And then for more on the latest in the 7th technology Kaby Lake range, see our review on the Key i7-7700K. Reuters