If you’re buying router that will seamlessly merge with your interior decor, the Rapture GT-AC5300 from Asus ROG is typically not it. But if you are buying router to frighten off the kids, this may be it. The Rapture GT-AC5300 is a boxy router with intense sides that Asus ROG products are recognized for. It also does not have any significantly less than eight chunky antennas protruding from the attributes. Beyond the appearance, this is a tri-band model that is equipped to one’s teeth. Furthermore to eight antennas, ther is a “PC-grade” CPU in the tummy of the beast, along with 1GB of Memory and 256MB of adobe flash memory. This is an easy router that offers up rates of speed as high as 2,167Mbps on each one of the two 5GHz rings and up to at least one 1,000Mbps on the two 2.4GHz group. In addition, it has an integral change, though unlike most routers, it includes eight GbE LAN plug-ins for wired relationships rather than four. Two of these are optimized for video games. “All traffic on these slots is given priority, so your gambling devices–or every other devices you want to hook up to these ports–are always at the top of the internet queue!,” Asus says. Asus also focuses on gamers using its Game Increase feature. Game Raise is a QoS program that analyzes network traffic and prioritizes gambling packets. In another pitch to gamers, the Rapture GT-AC5300 includes built-in support for the Gamers Private Network driven by WTFast, which gives private, optimized Online connections to game machines. This is meant to cause lower pings and latency. Finally, the Rapture GT-AC5300 has a feature called VPN Fusion. This enables users to perform a VPN alongside a typical Internet connection at exactly the same time. Many of these features do not come cheap. The Rapture GT-AC5300 is currently available for about $390 in America. Reuters