To guard its system from online bullying, Facebook-owned Instagram has launched two new tools, a filtration system to stop certain offensive feedback and a spam filtration in nine dialects. The first filtration is optional that may be toggled on or off in the adjustments. It hides unpleasant or inappropriate reviews from showing on content and in live video tutorial. “To help, we’ve developed a filtration that will prevent certain offensive remarks on content and in live video tutorial. All other commentary can look as they normally do and you will still report commentary, delete responses or convert them off,” Instagram said in a post later on Thursday night.  “Also, you can always switch this filtration off. To gain access to it, click on the “…” configurations menu from the account and scroll to touch “Comments”,” your blog post added. The spam filtration system searches for any evident spam in reviews, obstructing it from users’ articles and live videos.  The filtration will remove spam written in British, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, People from france, German, Russian, Japan and Chinese. Recently, Facebook unveiled a ‘account picture shield’ tool in India. Through this tool, an individual can avoid strangers from downloading or taking screenshots of the profile picture. The updates can be found within Instagram version 10.26 designed for iOS and Android os. Reuters