The world’s fastest growing smartphone company realme knows exactly how to entice its users with its real quality products. Therefore, realme has come up with two exciting announcements – both of whom are going to excite realme fans across the country. First up, realme has made its realme C21 – the true quality king more affordable at PKR 17,999/-. This 3GB + 32GB powerhouse smartphone shall now be available to more and more people. realme C21 Now Available. On the other hand, realme will be one of the first brands to provide Android 12 stable update to its devices, timed perfectly with Google’s official release of Android 12. realme fans the world over can log onto the realme Community to apply for the update very soon. At the same time, realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12 will also be released globally on October 13. At present, realme UI has exceeded 100 million users worldwide, and in the past two years, realme UI has grown with young users worldwide, providing them with a smooth and fun system experience. realme UI 3.0 will still adhere to the product inspiration of seamless fun and will continue to improve on functionality, fluency, customizability, security and privacy that young users are concerned about. Both these announcements by realme are fan-centric, both on the product-end and take the realme user experience to newer heights. realme C21 was the world’s first smartphone to receive TUV Rheinland’s High Reliability Certification. Overall, the smartphone was packed with features that made it the best buy in its price segment. Battery: realme C21 brings for you the biggest, baddest battery you can find in PKR 17,999/-. The device boasts a 5,000mAh battery, which makes it possible for you to remain worry free for hours at end. According to realme Lab, the phone can operate for 47 days on standby mode. With this in mind, users can now go through their day with a relatively easy mind, because realme C21 will go on and match their energy levels throughout the day. Must Read: Xiaomi Introduces New Additions to the Creator Focused Xiaomi 11 Family Camera: Admit it, we all look at the specifications of the camera before buying smartphones. Why, because we would want for our need to capture even the smallest of memories to be catered to. The quality of the pictures is what matters to us at all times. Which is why the realme C21 comes with a 13MP AI Triple Camera. What this does for you? It makes your pictures crisp and colourful. The camera comes coupled with a large image sensor along with a f/2.2 large aperture. This makes it possible for users to upload their pictures without editing them for enhancements. Display: We love using phones as an alternate to our television and/or laptops. Which is why we want our smartphones displays to be large. The realme C21 bring to us a 6.5 inch screen, allowing us the comfort of viewing anything and everything in sharp colors, on a large screen. The possibility is also made easier because the device comes with a MediaTek Helio G35 powerful processor that packs a punch when it comes to smooth use of different applications on your device. So get your realme C21 at the new price of PKR 17,999/- now!!!