It offers just been a couple of days because the Galaxy S8 strike certain marketplaces around globe which is already facing issues. First it was the red tint concern on the screen to which Samsung said it’ll rotate out a software upgrade to repair the issue. Now a fresh statement says that some users are facing Wi-Fi and cellular charging issues which really is a much serious problem. Based on the Wall Street Journal, Samsung Aware about the Wi-Fi concern and will to push out a second software revise to fix the problem. This upgrade will be limited by South Korea where Samsung discovered a problem in the cellular gain access to point of an area carrier. Samsung continued to state that the red tint concern and the Wi-Fi problem aren’t related to any product flaws. Regarding the cellular charging problem, Samsung hasn’t address the problem by yet. Fundamentally some users cannot bill the smartphone wirelessly and it’s really unclear what can cause the problem. This may imply that the S8 won’t properly use elderly wireless charging hardware, which it actually should. Maybe Samsung is ensuring users don’t wrap up blowing up battery power again? Reuters