Paperless trend now enter in Pakistan

Paperless trend now enter in Pakistan

Paperless work is necessary in Pakistan  because mostly department use huge quantity of papers therefore the expenses increase and the economic condition of Pakistan not well but now stable and upgrade due to some hardworking and initiative of our Prime Minister Khan. Imran Khan has spirit to change the Pakistan and build our Nation but huge problems occur in his way.

Technology play vital role in all developed countries but mostly developing countries adopted this way because now technology cover all sector and people like this in a days mobile technology cover all over world and when mobile enter the market than paper work day by day decrease because peoples use messages and calls so letter worth down day by day and electronic conversation remove the letter and post of letters.

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What is Electronic mail, Electronic mail is that conversation through internet and send documents pictures videos through internet and mostly people have internet and access of this things therefore paperless need it because we reduced our expense Imran Khan now launch digital Pakistan his aim is that to convert Pakistan in Digital Pakistan therefore he hire the most famous personality Tania Aidrus.

Tania Aidrus, a former Google executive, has amazed everyone within a few days with her initiative of leading Pakistan into the Digital Age. She is back in Pakistan after 20 years to serve the country for their bright future. She left her job in Singapore to head Imran Khan’s ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative.

Pakistan’s Mostly Department now converted and use paperless system in a example Wafaqi Mohtasib Organization. This organization reduced the paper work just your interface sms and calling. And minimize the use of paper work through interface.