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Mostly people not know how about the Digital Pakistan. Many of people they say what digital Pakistan and what work in Pakistan. These questions accrue because in Pakistan mostly people are illiterate and our previous politicians get benefits of the problem and Pakistan Corruption rate very high. Due to this our country day by day face many financial problems and our GDP rate touch to bottom line.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf have big challenge to control Corruption so they decided to covert Pakistan into digital Pakistan. But other parties and oppositions are not happy of this initiative because if Pakistani know how about the method of corruption than they not select upcoming elections to other parties.  

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But in Pakistan very important to make will soon digital because whenever cannot control corruptions than our country does not achieved success in digital Pakistan any person are tax pear and our FBR department know about the every persons income if Pakistan are digitalize. But our business tycoon not want to Pakistan makes digital country because they not do corruption on tax.

If PM Khan Launch will soon digital currency like plastic currency than all payment and transaction through bank and not in live payment so tax deduct easily and govt collect huge amount of tax every year due to this our DGP growth and international account convert to surplus.

Another benefits is that our people access all over departments in hand due to mobile for example if a man pay bill than he not go to bank he open mobile and through mobile app pay utility bills, transactions, shopping etc means one window shopping in hand due to this if Pakistan make a digital country. So all over world are digital and Pakistan on the way to make digital will soon!

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