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When there are hundreds of smartphone options available in the market, how can a user choose the right one for them? They require a smartphone on which they can rely to do daily chores, push limits, and keep up with the times. The expectations and wants are endless, and vivo, a global technology brand, is meeting them with its diverse smartphone lineup. In Pakistan, the latest vivo V23 5G is a huge hit, with many people complimenting it for its smart features and gorgeous design.



The vivo V23 5G offers a wide range of features including the 50MP Portrait selfie camera that detects key details of the face and automatically enhances the face to create the perfect ambience and take HD portraits. A triple camera setup at the back includes an outstanding 64MP Night camera, an 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, and a 2MP Super Macro Camera, which triples the photographic power and allows users to elegantly capture images in any environment, from bright skies to dark nights – the GW1 super sensor allows users to achieve next-level artistic photos.


The vivo V23 5G is the most gorgeous smartphone out there! With its Color Changing Fluorite AG Design, the material gradually changes its color upon exposure to ultraviolet light and after about 30 seconds under the sun, the Sunshine Gold variant goes from a light ice blue and pink, orange finish to a blue-green gradient look. 


Pakistan’s leading smartphone enthusiasts put the features and capabilities of V23 5G to test. Let’s hear what the experts have to say!


Ali Abbas, the famous Youtuber who runs the Mastech channel, was completely stunned by the exquisite looks of the color-changing design during the unboxing and review of the vivo V23 5G, highlighting the strong built quality and premium in-hand feel. “The design speaks for itself; vivo is recognized for its gorgeous designs, and the vivo V23 5G is no exception. The smartphone is loaded with top-notch capabilities, from a dual camera setup on the front that allows you to capture high-resolution and wide portraits, to a magnificent 3-camera setup in the rear that includes an HD 64MP Night Camera, making it an absolutely fantastic pick for all photography fans”. Mastech conducted a thorough photography and videography test with both the front and rear cameras, in a variety of circumstances and camera modes, and the vivo V23 5G easily passed them all.



PhoneWorld, Pakistan’s popular YouTube channel, also did a detailed review of the V23 5G, describing the smartphone’s design and build quality. “You cannot take your eyes off, the color-changing design on the back feels like magic. It feels incredible to hold this sleek and stylish phone in your hand. The device is beautify designed along with a strong built and is extremely light-weight.” The incredible camera, FHD+ display, and fast processor were alsopraised by PhoneWorld, while the gorgeous design was one of the most eye-catching qualities of the V23 5G.

Pakistan’s beloved Youtuber, ProPakistani,discussed vivo’s unique offering, which addresses the long-standing demand for a premium and attractive smartphone. “The smartphone’s first appearance leaves you speechless. It’s indeed, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful smartphones in the market. V23 5G comes with a variety of outstanding features and technologies, including an advanced camera, FHD+ display, and a powerful processor”. The smartphone, according to ProPakistani, is not only attractive but also exceptionally fast, allowing it to run multiple apps and games without difficulty.

Talking in-depth about the latest V23 5G, ReviewsPK-Ameer Dagha said “The vivo V Series is known for its excellent camera and lavish gorgeous design. And vivo has offered a special feature to the users with the color-changing Fluorite AG Glass that appears magical. It’s tough to look away from the smartphone’s stunning appearance.” Describing the benchmark scores, Ameer Daghahighlighted that V23 5G can easily manage intensive tasks as well as high-resolution games like PubGand Asphalt 8.

HamariWeb did a comprehensive assessment of V23 5G’s unique features. “vivo has brought various innovative technologies to the people of Pakistan. With the mid-range V Series, vivo has offered a great range of smartphones with deep focus on Camera and Design. The V23 5G is an incredible looking smartphone and boasts various top-notch features.” Describing the smooth experience of the smartphone, HamariWeb highlighted the MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor, 44W Fast-Charging and the Funtouch 12 OS.

With the amazing reviews from top smartphone enthusiasts in Pakistan, it is not wrong to say vivo V23 5G ticks all the boxes. The device is available in 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM at the price of Rs. 89,999 only. Go grab yours today!

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