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The future iPhone 16 series has been in the leaks even before the iPhone 15 line dropped last year. We’ve seen product mockups, specification reports, and analysts taking a crack at guessing specs for those new iPhones. While the official launch is still months away, we now get a closeup of iPhone 16 molds. And they confirm another minor design change for the Pros.

A French website, ShopSystem, published the image featuring blue molds for the four iPhone 16 editions. The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max rock a squared camera zone yet again. But to dodge the criticism, Apple has saved the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus from that repetitive design.

The leaked image compares the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro side-by-side, and there’s a noticeable difference. The MagSafe ring at the back of the iPhone is shrinking. Some speculate downshifted charging speeds; others believe in incompatibility with the older iPhone accessories. 

But reducing the size of the wireless coil can technically serve us better in the long run, per 9to5Mac. It should turn up the efficiency and cut down on the bulk expected with Pro iPhones. 

The blue slabs reaffirm even more details established by the rumor mill before today, like the changed camera layout for the vanilla iPhone 16s. All iPhones will equally sport spatial recording, thanks to that design change. 

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