ACCA is highly regarded by employers in Pakistan according to a recent survey of business leaders

ACCA is highly regarded by employers in Pakistan according to a recent survey of business leaders
ACCA is highly regarded by employers in Pakistan according to a recent survey of business leaders

According to ACCA’s most recent global survey of business leaders, 96% of employers see ACCA as a respected brand. That’s an enormously encouraging degree of consensus in a world where disruption and polarisation are growing.

  • 91% of employers agree ‘ACCA is an organisation that champions professionalism and ethics’
  • 91% agree that ‘ACCA shapes the agenda of the profession’
  • 87% agree that ‘ACCA is highly regarded in my market’
  • 87% agree that ‘ACCA is an innovative and forward-thinking organisation’.

It is also one figure among many in ACCA’s 2019 employer survey that confirms ACCA’s relevance to the world of business. The respect and trust employers have for the ACCA Qualification and the people who achieve it are higher than they have ever been. This is not just among ACCA approved employers, but across a range of leading businesses around the world and in all sectors – corporate, practice, financial services and public sector.

The research found that employers have a higher than ever preference for recruiting an ACCA accountant, are satisfied with their relationship with ACCA, believe ACCA members bring relevant skills to their business, and are more likely than ever to want their students to study with ACCA.

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The ACCA brand commands huge respect and trust among employers because it embraces our changing times, says ACCA chief executive Helen Brand OBE.

Sajjeed Aslam, head of ACCA Pakistan, says: ‘We were delighted the survey showed employers appreciate the contribution ACCA and its members in Pakistan make toward building a strong profession and upholding public value and trust. Many employers say ACCA is the leading professional accountancy body, which is a tribute to the abilities and achievements of our members.’

The next generation of professional accountants will increasingly be expected to bring strategic insight as repetitive tasks become more automated. And not only will they need agility and resourcefulness, they must also bring an ethical and human dimension to leadership. Employers recognise that ACCA develops these qualities in its members – 86% agree that ‘the qualification delivers complete finance professionals with capability in finance management and strategic leadership’.

‘The perceptions of our key stakeholders are vital to our success. We have spent 114 years building and strengthening our brand. Since our earliest days, it has been based on enduringly relevant values: opportunity, diversity, innovation, accountability and integrity. We see these values as worth celebrating and promoting, and it seems employers do too – 93% agree that ‘ACCA is a world-class organisation’.’ – Sajjeed Aslam, head of ACCA Pakistan

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