Samsung Galaxy S11 and Note 11 can be SCRAPPED for Galaxy One

Samsung Galaxy S11 and Note 11 can be SCRAPPED for Galaxy One

After all, Samsung might not launch the Galaxy S11. There is a chat which states that the Galaxy Note 11 will not be released. Conversely, trusted advisor Evan Blas has reason to believe that the company is considering merging the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11 to create a superior mother of S Pen-toting. can be known as Galaxy One.

This is a very reasonable step. The Samsung smartphone model is a hot mess, because both the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note offer almost the same experience. There is only one difference between them: the latter has an S-pen. But is that different or can Samsung just introduce the Note-esque version?

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For example, consider what Apple is doing with the iPhone 11. This launches the basic iPhone 11 and the extensive iPhone 11 Pro. Samsung can join the Galaxy One and bring the Galaxy One and Galaxy One Plus to the market. The latter comes with the S Pen and replaces the Galaxy Note series.

Obviously, this is not the first time we have heard this rumor? [That’s why] us. “Not this one? People say Samsung will sign two lines for today’s best crossover. But now when Galaxy Fold folded was launched, it made more sense than before – there were too many smartphone choices.