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Telecom Service Providers has long history of serving the Community through various mean to become responsible corporate citizens. Leading the change in society, “The New Hope Volunteers” of Zong 4G spent a day with the elderly of Bint e Fatima Old Home in Islamabad. The activity was aimed at spreading joy and jubilation in the lives of the senior citizens at the Bint e Fatima Old Home. Zong 4G volunteers intermingle with senior Citizen to give them personal feel to be important member of this society rather being abandon by their love one’s.  

Reflecting the passion to serve humanity, Zong 4G’s New Hope Volunteers took time from their usual routines to spend some moments with the elderly of the society. Bringing smiles on the faces of these abandoned senior citizens, Zong 4G employees reached out to them with care packages. The small gesture of giving these senior citizens hope that cannot be matched to the size of the heart behind it.

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“As part of our CSR strategy, Zong 4G ensures that it always gives back to the communities it operates in. Our visit to the Bint e Fatima old home is reflective of our strong commitment of engaging with the marginalized strata of the society. We believe in working towards reducing the divide in society and play a positive role as change agents.”

The network provider is fueling hope for a better future through such activities for the marginalized members of the society. Cognizant to Zong 4G’s commitment towards social excellence, Zong 4G is empowering the employees to make a lasting impact on people’s lives. Such Initiatives will set exemplary precedent for other corporate community to come forward in transforming people’s lives that have lost importance in the eyes of their own blood relationships. Sparing Few moments from their busy routine will not only help them to understand the important of senior citizen but also send strong message across the board that without their blessings we can’t achieve happiness in our lives and its obligatory on every member of this society to take good care of their senior Citizens in best possible manner both in term of spending time and Money to elevate their status.   

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