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Pakistan’s energy crisis has existed for a long time. The gap between increasing population and the need for more energy is yet to be bridged while on the other hand, the old power transmission and distribution networks add to more power loss. ZONERGY offering Cutting edge Solar Products for Pakistani Market.

The concept of energy independence is enticing, but it takes a complete shift to clean & green energy to achieve it. Zonergy, Pakistan’s leading solar energy company, is actively working towards energy independence with its technologically advanced products, EPC capabilities, operations, and maintenance services. Providing affordable energy solutions through its new range of heavy-duty solar storage products, Portable power supply and wall heating plates it urges on to utilise 100% renewable energy and contribute to make Pakistan a cleaner and greener country.

For the said purpose, these Solar Products are a must-have for any 21st century smart home. Zonergy’s Distributed Energy Storage System (ESS) converts electricity from the solar power system into anefficient energy storage managements, saves it, and then converts it back to electrical energy when needed. It stores the extra energy produced and then use it later, enabling a round-the-clock 24/7 electricity supply. The best part about Zonergy’s Distributed Energy Storage Systems is that it’s the only one to offer high voltage ESS in installments and that too at a 20% lower price than competitors. Keeping short and long-term conveniences in view it comes with the two top variants of Distributed ESS.

The basic Single-Phase variant of ESS is optimal for medium-sized households, small shops, and independent stand-alone workspaces, to name a few. It can handle maximum 51.2V and comes with four options which are 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, and 6kW. It produces a maximum AC output current of up to 50A and AC Output Voltage of 230V.Coming with internationally recognized IP65 protection this variant life spans over 15 years.

To accommodate higher loads more efficiently and ensure power supply at a steady, constant rate, Zonergy offers the Triple-Phase ESS variant (ZSPA-TH Series)of its distributed Energy Storage Systems. Making it a premium choice for manufacturing units, water turbines, plazas, combined workspaces, etc.This heavy-duty variant comes with a rated power range of 5kW to 15kW and Four options 5kW, 8kW, 10kW, and 15kW.The maximum voltage a triple-phase ESS can handle is 51.2V*n. (n=number of battery modules expanded). The optimal output voltage range for triple-phase ESS is 230V/400.Flexibility, Being Lightweight, Intelligent Protection, After-sales Maintenance, Level 9 Security and First-Class Batteries are what makes Zonergy’s Distributed Energy Storage Systemstands out and become your first choice.

Do you travel often – visiting those areas where no grid electricity is available? How about carrying your own electricity with you wherever you go! Zonergy’sPortable DC Power Supply is your go-to option for portable electricity.Ideal for powering up small to medium range electronic equipment, charging your mobile devices, laptops, cameras, etc., while travelling on long routes or campaigning in Northern Areas. Give your next adventure a big boost of power and energy.

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These DC power supply units start as low as 10W, 20W, 30W for usual everyday chores and go up to 100W to let you do something BIG if you need it!Certified with the protocols of ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3, CQC, CE, and Lighting Global these units have an estimated lifespan of over 10 years.

So lightweight to be easily carried by hands yet so powerful to help stay online with equipment running. Wherever you go, as long as you have the sun shining above your head, this device will charge itself up, and then give you the electricity when you need it – as long as you need it.Having built-in protection functions, zero maintenance charges and multiple output ports it takes edge from the competing products.

With even the thought of winters approaching, we all start feeling that craving for a warm room with comfortable sofas in place. But most of us avoid using electric heaters, ultimately sacrificing that warmth and comfort because of skyrocketing electricity bills. Well, not anymore! Zonergy has got the just right and affordable solution for you – which we call Wall Heating Plates!

Zonergy Wall Heating Plates come with a rated power of 500W each covering an area of 5m² and require 220V power source to do their magic efficiently. Calculated according to the area of your required location, one or multiple plates can be installed to achieve the perfect warmth for you and loved ones!

These plates contain an electromagnetic radiation shielding layer and a far-infrared emitting layer – which is proven to have a stronger health physiotherapy effect. Hence, you can enjoy the warmth without compromising your health.These wall heating plates can be purchased separately as One plate, Two plates, or more according to your need.

Zonergy aims to solve the problem of load-shedding and high electricity bills by enabling homeowners and businesses to take control of their energy use.Once Pakistan adopts increased use of solar energy, we will become less dependent upon foreign sources of fossil fuels.A permanent shift towards energy independence will cultivate improved economic and environmental stability for our country, as well as every other country striving to make a positive change.Shift to renewable energy will free the world’s inhabitants from reliance on greenhouse-gas-emitting fossil fuels, which will improve economic conditions as well as quality of life for everyone.

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