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Fast charging is one of the fastest growing areas in China’s smartphone industry. That’s why we hear about new solutions every few months. In this case, the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro, which will be launched this month, will also support 120W fast charging. The manufacturer has not provided any information about the charging time of the device. For reference, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra launched last year also supports 120 W fast charging. And it only takes 23 minutes to fully charge the battery. Xiaomi 120w fast charging solution does not affect battery life.

The general reaction from users of such fast charging technology will definitely have a negative impact on battery life. They also believe there will be security issues or both. In response, The Verge interviewed Xiaomi’s head of international communications and global spokesman Daniel DeJarles to discuss the company’s efforts in fast charging technology and what people outside of China can expect from the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro.


First, how does it work? “It’s like having two different gas inlets in your car and two separate tanks.” So it works like any other powerful fast charging technology. “Instead of filling one side at a certain slow pace, you can now fill two sides at once. All of this is done on the side of the phone, the 120 watt charger and instead of trying to squeeze the maximum five volts, one channel splits it into two, three, four channels. This allowed us to step up everything – all done with 20 amps. ”

In terms of battery life, Daniel says it will offer an almost identical experience to other traditional cell phone batteries. He said, “We tested it really, really hard,” he said. “Overall, with the batteries we tested at this charge rate, you still have 80 percent battery condition after 800 charge cycles. Now 20 percent might sound like “oh wow, I lost 20 percent”, that’s pretty standard with all charging technologies. 800 cycles, about two years for most people. So it’s pretty solid. “

In comparison, Apple claims that the iPhone’s lithium-ion battery “can hold 80% of its original capacity for 500 full charges”. If the Xiaomi test data is correct, the battery life should match the normal characteristics.

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When asked if using a slower charger would further improve battery health, Daniel said, “There is a relatively small difference between the two. Of course, the optimal situation is to use a slower charger if you charge overnight and a faster charger for a faster situation. “


Speaking of security issues, Daniel said there were many tests carried out, including third parties. In addition, the device itself contains 34 different battery protection functions. “Overall, that is one of the reasons why this technology is now on the world market. We want to make sure that we comply with all regulations, but are also very safe for everyone. “

But is such a charging system really harmless? For example, can a phone that uses more traditional charging methods be thinner or can accommodate a larger battery? According to Daniel, there are no bad effects. However, the actual charger is larger than average.

Xiaomi believes that its fast charging technology will continue to exist and there may still be room for improvement. For example, earlier this year the company presented a prototype 200W fast charging system. It charges a 4000 mAh battery in 8 minutes. Daniel simply said: “Whether this will come in a commercial product or not, you will have to wait and see.”

The Verge also asked whether consumers in Xiaomi’s global marketplace would see this as a big selling point. Daniel said, “I think our big goal here is that there are a lot of people who think that fast charging is a foreign function. But there are also many people who find this a big plus. You only notice how good everyday life is when you have to run through the door to catch a taxi in five minutes and your phone doesn’t charge properly. ” Reuters

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