The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G variant will be announced soon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G variant will be announced soon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 hasn’t been available for six months, but it’s still being developed. No, there still won’t be a Galaxy Tab S7, but it is said that the Tab S6 will get the 5G version. Initially, the tablet was believed to be shipped with two cameras, and specifications were released to the public before the official launch. Before the opening, more photos and features were released, including uncomfortable S-Pen colors and positions. He also said it had a bigger battery, but it would be lighter.

It is certain that it will be revealed before the event opens. Finally done with new support for S Pen and Bixby. This tablet also immediately received HDR10 + certification.

Pre-orders have increased and incentives have been offered to those who will make purchases early. The Galaxy Tab S6 is said to be the first 5G tablet and will be on the market, as has been confirmed by the South Korean tech giant.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G confirmed. This was first offered in South Korea at free prices and discounts. The company’s official website includes the Galaxy Tab S6 5G on its permanent page with “immediate” notice.

When it comes to design and specifications, nothing is fundamentally different. LTE and 5G models differ only in connectivity. We shook hands, the start of CES 2020 took place with the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Regarding the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G outside Korea and other important markets, we are not sure whether and when it will be available. Source