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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. said it had received “some” damage reports on the example display on the upcoming smartphone, increasing the prospect of a less smooth entry for the cellphone to $ 1,980.

The Galaxy Fold, which is being sold in the US on April 26, looks like a traditional smartphone, but is opened as a book and displays a second, small, 18.5 cm (7.3 inch) tablet display. The design, combined with Mate X from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., was hailed as the future in a field that had several surprises after Apple’s iPhone Inc. 2007

Even before the start, reporters reported sampling problems after only one or two days.

“We will fully investigate these devices to determine the cause of the problem,” Samsung said.

The stock closed at 3.1%, while the broader market fell 1.43%.

The damage has stopped the ghost of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 three years ago. The lack of battery and design in Note 7 resulted in some devices burning or exploding, forcing Samsung to call and cancel the sale of the model.

As a result of the withdrawal, almost all of Samsung’s cellular subsidiary revenues were raised in the third quarter of 2016.

Flip analysts were somewhat surprised by the error in the first batch of the test model. In addition, folding device designs tend to be less durable compared to Huawei’s folding process.

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“Folding is harder than folding, because giving the screen more pressure is a concern for people,” said Sung Park analyst BNK Securities.


Technology writers go to Twitter on Wednesday to report on screen or jury or jitter.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter, wrote: “My screen review of the Galaxy Fold is really broken and useless for two days, and it’s hard to know whether it’s spread or not.”

Gurman removed the plastic layer on the screen, which should not have been removed, and then, according to his tweet, the phone was broken.

The envelope around the device contains “CAREFUL” in capital letters and warns that layers cannot be removed because Twitter from other recipients is displayed.

Samsung said on Thursday that removing the protective coating could cause damage and notify customers about the problem.

Dieter Bonn, Editor in Chief of The Verge, said “small bead” appeared on the folds of the cellphone, which seemed to be something that appeared on the screen. Bon said Samsung had replaced the test phone, but did not explain the problem.

“This is very worrying,” Bonn told Reuters, adding that he did not remove the protective layer.

CNBC technology editor, Steve Kovac, published a field video on the telephone that would be hidden after only one day.


Samsung has announced that it will produce at least 1 million folding devices, compared to 300 million handsets produced every year. He has completed an advance order for “Folding” because of “high demand”.

On Thursday, the company told Reuters that the release schedule had not changed after the bug report.

“I think over time, ROI will improve, and the folders that customers have will be much better,” said NH Kyy investment analyst Lee Kyu. “I don’t know whether Samsung can solve the screen problem completely.” Source

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