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The Earth’s magnetic north pole, which has moved faster than expected in recent years, has now crossed the main meridian based on the latest model of the Earth’s magnetic field released this month.

Magnetic north has moved from its home in the Canadian Arctic to Siberia at a speed of 55 kilometers per year for the past two decades. In February this year, the World Magnetic Model (WMM) finally received a much needed update with the end of the emergency closure by the US government.

Although WMM updates are usually released every five years, updates are needed earlier this year because these changes affect compass applications, maps and GPS services. WMM is also a standard navigation tool for the Federal Aviation Administration, US Department of Defense, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and many others.

The latest Earth magnetic field model, released on December 10 by the UK National Center for Environmental Information and Geological Survey, predicts that this movement will continue, even at the speed of 40 kilometers per year. .

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“This is the fastest change recorded since the middle of the 16th century,” Dr. Charan Began, geophysicist with the British Geological Survey. “Magnetic records show that the North Magnetic Pole traveled through Canada from 1590 to 1990, when it suddenly accelerated and accelerated in the last 30 years, from less than 10 kilometers per year to nearly 60 kilometers (37 miles) per year.”

The South Pole also moves, though more slowly. Magnetic south is incompatible with geographical south; from February 2019 is 64.13 S 136.02 E off the coast of Antarctica.

Based on the 2020 WMM coefficient for 2020, the north geomagnetic pole is 72.68 ° W, longitude and latitude 80.65 ° N and the geomagnetic south pole is 107.32 ° E and latitude 80.65 ° N.

The dark zone has been activated

This latest WMM also has something new – Blackout Zone. The eclipse zone around the magnetic pole is the area around the north and south poles where the accuracy of the compass is greatly disturbed.

BoZ is the area around the north and south poles where the horizontal intensity of the earth’s magnetic field (H) is less than 2000 nT. In BoZ, the WMM declaration value is inaccurate and the compass is not reliable. BoZ around the poles between 2000 and 0nT is an “unreliable zone” where the compass can become inaccurate.

Do the poles flip flops?

Apart from the theoretical replica of the conspiracy pole displacement that caused mass extinction, the only thing we know for certain is that WMM is on the move. It is not known whether the earth’s magnetic field will eventually rise again or whether the poles will be reversed.

However, both events have occurred in the history of the earth and have no significant impact on biology. However, modern navigation systems rely on magnetic north and must be calibrated if the poles move further. For example, airports must change the names of some of their routes, whose names are based on the direction of the compass. Source

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