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Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution, Inc., the global authority in corporate education and project leadership training, has released its Top 10 Trends for 2019. This year’s trends reflect the growth of project-based work globally, in tandem with ever-changing technology and complexity within organisations and in the marketplace.

“The nature of project management and leadership work is proliferating – not only geographically, but notably across roles and functions. Project-based work has expanded beyond just the PMO or IT department,” said Christoffer Ellehuus, Strategy Execution’s CEO. “We believe that successful execution of strategic projects only happens today when professionals and leaders have the right mix of business, technical, and people skills in combination with the right adaptive mindset,” he continued. “These trends together reflect the fact that project work touches all parts of the business and even those who may not think of themselves as classical project managers must aim to develop an adaptive skill set to advance their careers while also moving their organisations forward.”

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This year’s trends highlight reasons why adaptive skill sets are increasingly in demand, and why project leaders at all levels of organisations across different industries should work to develop these holistic capabilities.

  1. Disruptive Technologies Will Continue Their TrajectoryBeing able to predict the next disruptor in your industry is nearly impossible, but what you can do is better equip your leaders to react and adapt to whatever the technological future holds.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Are Permeating Project-Based Work Organisations will find that embracing– rather than resisting – the onslaught of AI and big data and learning how to find the “human difference” in their people will be the key to adapting to increased automation.
  3. Vendor Management and Outsourcing is GrowingMost project-based workers today manage vendor relationships in some capacity. Having the technical know-how to understand the contractual elements, combined with the adaptive skills to collaborate and problem solve with a multitude of vendors across varying projects is paramount to success.
  4. Global Context Shifts Increase Business Uncertainty Whether impacted by Brexit, U.S.-China trade tensions, or political divisiveness, no organisation today is insulated from what’s happening globally. Having leaders with the right awareness and mindset to adapt to external changes is critical.
  5. Project Teams Are Migrating to Shared PlatformsIt’s hard to keep up with the emerging technological resources available to project teams today. But this migration is inevitable, so organisations should upskill their teams to move deftly across various platforms to increase workflow efficiency and collaboration.
  6. Agile Rises from the Tech Store to the Top FloorAgile has emerged from an IT methodology to one that can be applied throughout the organisation – even at the very top. We’re seeing Agile emerge to the C-suite as executives realize how this mindset and practice can help organisations change and adapt their strategies more quickly.
  7. Managing Changes in Change ManagementDue to the inevitability of change across all businesses, the responsibility of managing change can no longer be contained to the HR department. Increasingly, employees at all levels of the organisation are expected to develop the communication and leadership skills to be change agents.
  8. Curated Learning on the RiseEmployees today are having to learn on the job while still managing their day-to-day tasks. To keep up, organisations will seek out modern approaches to professional development and training that can benefit their teams and the business alike.
  9. Project Management Booming in Developing NationsProject management-related roles will experience unprecedented growth over the next decade, primarily in India and China. As projects continue to span the global market, the discipline of project management will sustain its growth to support these initiatives.
  10. Supply Chain Mounting in ComplexityCompanies today are under pressure to deliver products faster, cheaper, and better than they have before. This demand adds pressure to the traditional supply chain and requires leaders with the right skill sets to effectively navigate the increased complexity. Source

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