Sony Xperia launch event held on Saturday, in Pakistan

Sony Xperia launch event held on Saturday, in Pakistan

Said Mr.Yo Ozaki,  Retail Head Sony while talking to the launch event of Sony Xperia in Pakistan.

The event for the launch of famous Japanese brand Sony Experia’s come back in Pakistan held on Saturday, 4th November 2017.

The brand is back with its 7 smartphones ; Xperia L1, Xperia Xperia XA1, Xperia A1 Ultra, Xperia XA1 Plus, Xperia XZ, Xperia XZ1 & Xperia XZ Premium.

The ceremony held at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore was the outcome of the collaboration of Inovi Technologies and Sony.

Inovi partners and dealers, technology bloggers and media professionals from across Pakistan attended the event.

The event was undertaken with the welcome note by Mr. Zeeshan Mianoor, COO, INOVI Technologies. He stated that the company is the first smartphone brand in the world to introduce 4K HDR screen and 960fps slow motion camera alongwith several other exciting features.

He expressed to be excited to see that from now on Pakistani users can experience the magic of Sony’s innovation in the form of these great 7 devices being launched in in Pakistan.

He announced the launch of the new line of devices catering to the varied requirements of the Pakistani smartphone market starting at an exciting price of Rs. 19,999.

Sony has inspired a true brand loyalty in many of its users for many years and now,  the company is returning to give a new flavor of camera phones in the Pakistani mobile phone industry.

Sony is now targeting the market segment that prefers almost $200-$400 smartphones.

Mr. Okazi is of the view that Samsung is their biggest competitor in Pakistan but Sony has an ability to make a place for itself based on product differentiation as Xperia XZ has become the first smartphone with 4K HDR display, Super Slow Motion etc.

Sony has plans to see the response of users in the first two months. The company will then plan if and how they could plan to expand their brand in the country.

Zeeshan Mianoor, COO Inovi Technologies, while he was  talking about the Sony’s vision, said,  that  they  hope to grab 2-3 market share initially while in the next quarter we want to create around 10 per cent  market share for the Sony’s handsets.

60 per cent of Pakistan’s smartphone market has been  loaded with smartphones priced below Rs. 20,000.

 Sony is targeting the rest of the 40 percent of the market through its new devices.

Zeeshan is hoping the launch of its next portfolio in Pakistan  immediately after its worldwide announcement.

Annie Khalid gave a musical performance at the event.

Through a lucky draw, 5 new Experia handsets were given to the audience.

In a large demo, Sony showcased its seven new smartphones in all their glory.

Xperia XZ Premium the company’s flagship smartphone was first announced at the Mobike World Congress (MWC) earlier the current year.

Xperia XZ premium with the help of Sony 3D Creator can take 3D images.

The flagship smartphone of the company also has a Super Slow-Motion feature. You can shoot for a long time at 960 frames per second and this is 32 times slower than normal phone footage.

The event was hosted by  Pakistani stand-up comedian Syed Shafaat Ali.

The event began with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by National Anthem of Japan and Pakistan giving the message of harmony and unity.

Inovi Technologies, the official distributor of Sony Xperia smartphones previously known as Javed Electronics started their journey with Sony in 1991 by selling their cassettes.

Mr. Ozaki addressed the audience saying that  key message of the company is to always think about how to create differentiation with South Korean and Chinese companies’ handsets.

All the attendees of the event were thanked by Mr. Ozaki for giving Xperia another chance to get the hands of Pakistani users on their devices.