Sony and Microsoft jointly develop “Game Streaming Services and Content”

Sony and Microsoft jointly develop "Game Streaming Services and Content"

In the most unexpected team since Archie met The Punisher, Sony and Microsoft announced to form a “strategic partnership” through which they would collaborate in technology development, cloud-based maintenance of their games and services for streaming.

“Sony is a creative entertainment company with a solid technology base. We work with many creators who capture the imagination of people around the world through our advanced technology that provides tools to bring them dreams and visions of reality,” he said in a statement by the president and CEO Sony Kenichiro Yoshida.

“Microsoft has been an important business partner for us for years, but of course, and both companies compete in several fields. I believe that developing together our future cloud solutions will contribute significantly to the development of interactive content.”

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The partnership at this point is only a statement of intent that companies can use to explore the potential use of the database on Microsoft Azure to support Sony’s online services, as well as joint development of new hardware and technology for artificial intelligence. In the long run, the news suggests a combination of Sony hardware – “cutting-edge image sensors” and semiconductors – and Azure AI and Microsoft Cloud Technologies: “The parties will explore the inclusion of Sony’s advanced platforms and tools from Microsoft AI consumer products to provide an AI experience which is very intuitive and easy to use. “

“Sony has always been at the forefront of entertainment and technology, and the collaboration that we announced today is based on the history of this innovation. Our partnership brings the power of Azure and Azure AI from Sony to bring new games and entertainment to customers.” He spoke with Satya Executive Director Nadella.

Gaming consoles are generally beyond our offer, but the potential impact of this partnership on gambling in general, through advancements in streaming, AI, cloud computing, and the promise of a “better platform for developing the content creation community” is enormous. “Last generation” estimates have been moving for years – Ubisoft CEO Yves Giyemom said that the last generation might be the last – but that might be the biggest step towards achieving this outcome. Source