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Today in Islamabad, a private-sector initiative of companies led by the Solar Quality Foundation (SQF) with collaboration and support of the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) officially presented and put into operation a new instrument for quality assurance in the installation of Solar PV systems in the country.

The Pakistani Solar Quality Passport (SQP) was launched in a festive ceremony with around 80 high-ranking guests from business, public sector and civil society today. Solar companies who are committed to quality can now participate in the scheme at www.solarqualitypassport.pk. Only registered and audited companies are entitled to issue the Solar Quality Passport with each of their installations, giving their costumers confidence in the quality of the system.

Mr. Sajjad Ahmed, CEO – AEDB inaugurated the Passport together with SQF. The foundation is the business entity behind the Solar Quality Passport. It is confident that the initiative will contribute to better quality installations and products in Pakistan. Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Bhatti, Chairman SQF said: “I am very excited that we are pressing the ‘green button’ together today and after months of hard work on this passport with GIZ and our national partners. Now, we are giving the go-ahead for better quality in the installation of solar systems in Pakistan. From this step onwards, let us continue to develop this great tool together and ensure that all installations in our market will be of high quality, safety and durability”.

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The Solar Quality Passport is a safety certification, quality assurance standard as well as an educative programme for Solar PV installers. The most important aspect of the concept is peace of mind for customers. For them it means their Solar PV installation complies with industry and international best practice. Also,installers have to meet at least a minimum of internationally bench-marked quality and safety standards.

This results in concrete benefits for consumers and Solar PV investors: Customers who wish to install a system have direct access to Solar Quality Passport endorsed companies in their vicinity. Investors can be sure that the installation is done by a suitably qualified and trained installer. Moreover, the Solar Quality Passport makes it easier to obtain good financing and insurance for their system, as the banking sector has been a partner of the initiative right from the beginning and prefers high-quality systems when committing financing.

Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on your roof was considered a luxury for many years – but fortunately, this is no longer the case. Drastic price reductions coupled with rising electricity tariffs and concerns about power supply have made solar PV increasingly attractive to both residential and commercial energy users.

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