SICPA Pakistan Reduces Its Carbon Footprint with Solar Installation

SICPA Pakistan Reduces Its Carbon Footprint with Solar Installation

SICPA Pakistan has completed the installation of a Solar Energy System at its factory in Karachi. With an operating life of 25 years, annual generation of the project is 245 MWH.

This Solar Energy Installation will on average generate 671 KWH daily, meeting 25% of the electrical power demand of SICPA Pakistan by Green Energy. This will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by reducing 148 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

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The project was inaugurated by Haroon Rasheed, Managing Director, Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (PSPC), who was joined by Asif Ikram, Managing Director SICPA Pakistan. Speaking at the inauguration, Asif Ikram said, “Having access to robust, sustainable and renewable sources of energy like solar power helps our organization greatly by not just improving our energy security and resource availabilities but also significantly reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. We see this as an investment in our future and doing our part to be environmentally sustainable”.

Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA is an international organization providing secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services. SICPA Pakistan is a joint venture of SICPA SA, Switzerland and Pakistan Security Printing Corporation, incorporated in 1995. The company operates facilities in Karachi for manufacturing security inks for printing of all denominations of currency notes and other value documents, such as, passports, postage stamps and stamp papers, etc and brand pprotection solutions for protection against counterfeiting, forgery or piracy.