Samsung Galaxy S10 receives the best features from Google Pixel 3

Samsung Galaxy S10 receives the best features from Google Pixel 3

Samsung offers a special night mode for camera applications to enhance photos in low light conditions. New features, which are already included in a number of very popular phones, including Google Pixel 3, will be marketed in the upcoming security software.

Although this feature is available in Switzerland, Samsung SamMobile estimates that it will not appear in the British S10e Galaxy, S10 Galaxy and S10 Plus at the end of this month or early May.

The Galaxy S10 is equipped with software mode that increases the ability to take pictures in low light. Duplicated Bright Night. This feature is integrated directly with the standard camera application and automatically activates when Samsung detects there is a lack of light.

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Huawei uses an approach similar to the Huawei P30 Pro, while Google gives users the choice when to switch to special mode. Pixel smartphone owners can then choose when to include shadows in their photos and when the phone will magically illuminate every corner of the frame.

It is not clear whether Samsung has improved the quality of Bright Night while switching to a special tab in the Camera application. To enter new mode, just enter the Samsung application into the camera and move right until the bar in the lower third of the screen shows “night”.

If you already have a Galaxy S10, you can check the title next to Settings> Software to see if the latest software updates are available with the new Bright Night broadcast. Source