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Samsung delayed its first smartphone just days before ordering pre-orders on the UK market. The delay followed a report of a series of errors with a flexible display of test unit s issued to American journalists. In its current form, the Samsung Galaxy Fold does not have an end date.

However, this can change immediately. Sam mobile believes the Seoul-based company will announce a new date for the launch of Galaxy Fold.

This is because Samsung recently released a statement confirming the plan to announce the revised Galaxy Fold for the next few weeks. The second time, the company has confirmed its plan to release a new release date in the same month.

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You will not shout twice from the roof of the house in a few weeks if you make no progress in giving a new release date. For the first time, Samsung has announced to customers to announce a new release date in an official postponement statement. The second time he repeated the message during his last call a few days ago.

How long the delay will take place, Samsung has not confirmed. Only in the coming weeks are expected to announce the date of review.

We still don’t know exactly what caused the Samsung Galaxy Fold problem. However, the iFixit blog separates parts of Galaxy Fold and detects the design of hardware that is “very fragile”. According to him, the lack of a folding mechanism can be a point of failure for the Galaxy Fold.


In its present form, there is no protection to stop dirt, dust or fiber from the backpack, wallet or bag that is inserted into the mechanism inside this important hinge. If dirt has appeared between the hinges and the elastic AMOLED screen, the screen may turn on, causing the screen to fail.

According to iFixit, there is a 7mm gap in the middle of the top and bottom of the screen that “doesn’t look like a big problem, but lets the screen open, so it accidentally has to do with it, it’s a curtain for the screen.”

And it’s not like the risk disappears when the Galaxy Fold is folded. When the 7.3-inch AMOLED is closed, the spine in the back of the handset is surrounded by two slits that can accidentally cause dirt to enter the handset.

In a statement about the delay, Samsung has confirmed that it is looking for “steps to improve display security,” which certainly sounds like this gap can be closed or protected before the next launch date.

Earlier this month, US mobile operator AT & T announced plans to release Galaxy Fold on June 13, 2019. Samsung hasn’t confirmed this. Therefore, we will definitely receive this release date with a little healthy salt

Samsung must buy ice skates if they want to get the first folding block title in the world, because Huawei Mate X will start soon. Source

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