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Royole Corporation, a pioneer and world leader in flexible technology, will no longer launch its new product line at the upcoming Mobile 2020 World Congress. Health organizations on January 30, 2020. Royole Flexpai has withdrawn from MWC 2020 and will announce FlexPai 2.

In previous MWC events, Royole has hosted many successful events on new technology, including FlexPai, the world’s first folding telephone in 2019. Unfortunately it will not happen in 2020. Instead, the company will announce before MWC The FlexPai 2 , a new folding phone with cutting-edge performance and flexible next-generation Royole technology. Further details will follow.

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“With the safety and well-being of our employees, partners and customers as the top priority, we made the difficult decision to withdraw our presence from MWC this year,” said Dr. Bill Liu, founder and CEO of Royole Corporation. “It’s a pity we couldn’t attend MWC 2020 and use this platform to bring a new revolutionary folding phone, FlexPai 2. Instead, we will announce it to the world shortly before MWC.”

Royole Corporation is a global pioneer and leader in the flexible technology industry, changing the way people experience and interact with the world. Royole uses its own flexible technology to produce screens and sensors that are fully flexible (FFD), as well as a variety of next-generation human-machine interface products, including foldable smartphones and other smart devices. Royole also offers customized solutions for customers in six large industries – smart mobile devices, smart transportation, media and entertainment, sports and fashion, smart homes, offices and education.

Royole’s significant intellectual property rights and innovative technical and design skills have enabled it to reach a number of important industry milestones, including the world’s thinnest full-color FFD, the world’s first commercially produced FFD in the world, and the world’s first flexible smartphone Show on the FlexPai ® market . Reuters

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