Rockstar Games Christmas Gifts can reveal the location of GTA 6

Rockstar Games Christmas Gifts can reveal the location of GTA 6
Rockstar Games Christmas Gifts can reveal the location of GTA 6

Rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 have been around for some time, but now it seems that Rockstar Games is the source. The company generously sent Christmas presents to several employees. Fans now indicate that they might refer to the location of GTA 6.

Is Vice City retiring from GTA 6?

There has been speculation for some time about where the next GTA franchise iteration will occur. Vice City seemed to be preparing for GTA 6. Shortly after the start of Diamon Heist, eagle-eyed fans discovered the possibility of teasers in their artwork. The word “service” is divided into two parts, which make “back and forth”.

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Since GTA 6 has been widely praised for launch over the next few years, it seems like a logical explanation that this is an indication of the next title. Fans seem to have jumped a little about this. If the next rock star teaser has something to offer, Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t happen in Vice City.

GTA 6 may be located in Jamaica and Colombia

Forget Vice City, GTA 6 can be located in South America – in two specific locations. In honour of the festive season, Rockstar Games sends a number of gifts to its employees – most of which are reminiscent of elements from the previous Grand Theft Auto title. Their photos quickly appeared on social media. The photos show many badges, including the two flags of Colombia and Jamaica.

Because Rockstar Games is not headquartered in these countries, it feels strange to include both. Unless the GTA 6 site exists in one of these two countries – or maybe even in South America as a whole.

This potential teaser might have confirmed previous rumours that the title would be inspired by the Narcos series. There is no way to know for certain where GTA 6 will go, but these two badges will undoubtedly lead to Colombia and Yamasia. Source

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