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T-Mobile is on the way to introduce the mobile world with another branded budget phone as it is now making the phone called the Revvl Plus as a sequel to the Revvl, which had been launched by carrier in August.

The will be available just after a few days.

According to the reports, some of the Revvl Plus would remain the same as the original Revvl, as the phone sports the same 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Much like the first Revvl, the Revvl Plus has a fingerprint sensor. The phone  runs Android Nougat.

But what is new with this Plus phobe is that the Revvl Plus boasts a slightly bigger 3,380mAh battery. The phone would make you enjoy a six-inch screen.

The most interesting point to be noted is that the phone is coming with a higher price tag at $200 up front (if not, a $9 a month for 18 months) through Jump on Demand Service of T-Mobile.

The processor of the Revvl Plus is also noticeable as it has also been bumped up to a 2.0GHz octa-core.

Now, the phone has dual rear 13MP and 5MP cameras to make your journey fantastic and memorable with this mobile phone.

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Another point to be noted is that T-Mobile has tough competition when it comes to making budget mobiles or smartphones.

 Moto E4 by Lenovo costs $179 only for provision of a 5,000mAh battery alongwith a Snapdragon 427 quad-core processor.

Another one is the Moto G5 Plus, that ensures availability of a 32GB model only  under a price tag of $184.99. This very smartphone  has a Snapdragon 625 processor, which is an upgrade to it.

For its part, T-Mobile has managed to release a rock music-infused unboxing video for the Revvl Plus. This video seems to position the phone as a badass country legend. This unboxing is undertaken straight out of a hot pink box. And it is a little much for a phone with a 5MP rear camera.

The phone has been reported to become available in stores on November 17th.

A special edition of the upcoming smartphone as a black-and-magenta version will be available exclusively online.

Just wait for the day when the phone will be available in the market and we could see how the brand does compete a hot market full of challenges and how much the gets place in the market for its Plus version of Revvl.

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